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Learning Journey - China.

On Friday I will be setting off from a rather chilly Stockholm, Sweden for the county of Anji in China - which is considerably warmer than it is here.

I have been following AnjiPlay now for some years and have been captivated by the outdoor play scenes and the equipment that they have chosen to you can read here about the Anji Approach to children's rights in their play - True Play.

That is the name of the conference... The True Play conference... bringing together various experts in play, childhood and well-being from around the world to discuss play and the concept of True Play.

I am so looking forward to being able to learn and gain new perspective into play and childhood during this learning journey.

And of course I will be sharing everything.

Social media is rather restrictive in China... so I have made the decision to go offline for the period of time I am there. To really focus on being in the present... to document and to reflect at the end of each day... When I return to Stockholm I will start sharing these reflections with you... and of course images too.

here you can watch a film to intriduce you to AnjiPlay, is it is something new...

I Have a few posts that I have arranged to be released while I am away... posts I have been moving over from my old blog to this new website... updating and reflecting as i write, so they always have a slightly new twist or reflection that time has afforded me.

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