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Arboreal Methodologies

I have started a new blog to meet then needs of a new project you may have noticed I have immersed myself in.

I am connecting with the trees, with the forest. To see what it teaches me. And using all my 100 languages to understand and express what I learn.

So a hundred ways of listening. A hundred ways of interpreting.

A hundred ways of sharing.

The idea is to see if I learn more about early childhood education by going beyond the practice theory divide and finding the in-between.

if you are interested in following my ongoing project you can follow it


Instead of flooding my Instagram with art, poems, photos and films from the forest... they will be found in the new blog. Hopefully a source of inspiration too... to explore the forest in new ways, or in the same way with the time to reflect on it in new ways. So there will be less trees and birds and bugs, and such things on my other social media forms...

Suzanne Axelsson.

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