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I am so excited. Not only has my book on Original Learning been released, I have also teamed up with Sally Haughey and her Wunderled team to create a bonus for everyone that buys my book before the end of January. By entering your proof of purchase you gain access to an hour long dialogue where Sally and I discuss several of the important threads of my book, as well as a companion guide and a guide I wrote to inspire a democratic classroom - and my definition of democracy in the early years is that all children can participate to the best of their ability, all children can influence their day in multiple ways, and that all children are valued for being themselves.

To access this offer you need to go to Sally's website

After many years of interacting with Sally online we got to meet each other last November at the NAEYC conference in Washington DC. It was fabulous, to be able to see just how aligned we are in our approach to pedagogy that values children, educators, play, autonomy and wonder. And I was so honoured and grateful when she offered to help me with the technology and social part of offering this opportunity. Things I would love to be able to do, but I struggle with.

And isn't this what the essence of early childhood education is... this coming together and celebrating each other, sharing our strengths, so that together we are stronger.

If you have already bought my book, no worries, hopefully you still have your receipt and you can enter that into the appropriate boxes and gain access - if you can't find your receipt - send me a photo of yourself with my book on my social media messages (facebook Interaction Imagination or Instagram - interactionimagination - or via the contact form on my blog) and I will send you a personal code to enter into the box.

It's so exciting to hear about people getting my book and starting the process of reading - and hearing that so much is getting highlighted - because I wanted to write a book that was going to be practical and inspirational no matter where you are in the world, and what pedagogical approach or philosophy you follow. This photo was taken in Athens - I am sat watching the marathon runners (running from Marathon) enter the ancient stadium and I am looking out towards the setting sun and the Acropolis!

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