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Today is the first day of the last month of 2020.

A very different year than we all were expecting, that has required some creative thinking, serious rethinking, and coming together as a community to support each other... just physically distanced...

I was thinking of a way to celebrate the end of this year, to celebrate and honour all the educators that have done amazing work this year to keep settings open or to connect with their children digitally and in other ways that I would do a little workshop/presentation give-away.

So here goes... I am offering FIVE opportunities for a 1 hour digital presentation/dialogue on the subject of your choice from what I am able to offer (check out my website... Interaction Imagination ).

Five happens to be my favourite number... but I thought to try and be as inclusive as possible... that I would spread these connections around the world. So one opportunity to connect will be for the Americas, one for Europe, one for Asia, one for Africa and one for Australasia (I didn't think the Antarctic needed to be included!!) These will all be offered in English.

There will also be two extra connections - one in Swedish (kolla på min webbsida för mer information om presentationer osv på svenska), and one exclusively for educators serving Indigenous communities.

To have a chance to connect what you need to do is to connect with me on either Facebook or Instagram where you will see a special post on this topic (on Facebook it will be pinned, and on Instagram I will add it to my highlights to make it easier to find...) - once you find my post... do these five things

1. write where in the world you are located,

2. what you would like the hour to be about,

3. and how this hour would benefit you, the educators and the children in your care.

4. how many educators will participate

5. Also tag people you think might benefit from this offer too...

(if you are applying for the Swedish or Indigenous presentation offers please also write "SWEDISH" or "INDIGENOUS" in your text).

On the 20th of December I will be closing the comments and then reading through them to select five possibles for each of the dialogues/presentations... and then get my children to "pull a name from a hat"

I will announce on January 1st 2021 who I will be connecting with, and get in touch with them to start making arrangements.

Let's be creative together...

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