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The story of being the same size

The surprise when we paused and looked at our shadows… Child: woah! You are taller than me…!!!

I am not sure who was the most surprised the child or myself… after all we had been holding hands for ten minutes as we walked back from the park to the preschool when I casually mentioned our shadows on the wall. But I will take it as a compliment - that we walked as equals. I have often experienced this over the years - being surprised by someone’s age or height (in all directions) because I just felt that you are like me. I have some friends that are considerably shorter than myself that it takes me by surprise when I stand next to them and suddenly feel self consciously tall - because for the most part I just feel equal - which my brain converts height into that too!! I assume I cannot be the only person that experiences this. So I interpret this child’s statement as they being suddenly reminded of our height difference as we had walked as equals. In this sense equal means valuing each other, respecting each other, feeling both safe and brave simultaneously to be yourself AND dare to share ideas etc. These kinds of relationships are at the heart of Original Learning - pumping bravery and self esteem through all ten essential threads - #wonder #curiosity #joy #knowledge #imagination #interaction #risk #time #reflection #listening

Relationships are vital. It is the how of interactions. Respectful relationships are rooted in trust, value and equity. It requires self knowledge and self-awareness of bias as well as genuine knowledge of each child. Not only that, but also an understanding of how each child interacts as part of a group. Small groups and whole class relationships.

Sadly the education systems seldom gives us the time we need to develop these relationships fully.

Social and emotional relationships are essential in order to develop deep cognitive relationships with the subjects being taught.

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