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Suzanne Axelsson

Suzanne Axelsson

The person behind the blog Interaction Imagination. 

I have worked for over 30 years with children from age one until the age of 12... most of my years spent with 1-6 year olds.

My interest for the early years encouraged me to deepen my understanding and lead to a masters in ECE.

I have worked as a preschool teacher, director, consultant and teacher trainer over the years - learning from each of these roles.

I am the mother of three autistic children who have taught me so much. 

Why not check out more about the books I have written - I am so excited to have written my own books and contributed chapters.

I will no longer use this space to blog, but I will save this as a space to return and read what is here. Instead you are welcome to visit me  at my SUBSTACK where I will continue to write about Play-responsive educators, Original Learning, risky play and social justice.

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My Blog is a space where I write down those ideas that I have tested over the years, and share my thinking about play, Original Learning, working democratically with young children, The Reggio Emilia Approach, philosophy with children and more...

I started blogging in 2012, and I have been evolving all of those years... new experiences allow me to add nuances and perspectives I was unable to see back then, to make changes to refine how I think and also how I communicate

I first started on blogger (and you can still find my early posts there) and since wix has now completely changed the conditions and prices of this space I am now moving my blog to continue my writing so that I can afford to keep what I am doing free for everyone. This space will remain available as an archive of my thoughts. So please join my over on SUBSTACK

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