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Workshops and Presentations



A workshop about play. What is play? How can we become play responsive? What is risky play? How can we curate the environment for play? How can we support inclusive play?

This workshop is designed to meet the specific needs of your setting and staff. The focus can be on risk and adventure, on the competent child, democratic spaces, play and pedagogy, listening environments etc.

A workshop includes a presentation and hands-on activities as well as philosophical dialogues as a team. Half or whole days.


Creating a Listening Atmosphere

Full day or half day workshop that starts with a presentation, "The Art of Listening" and ends with hands-on "messing about" explorations of materials, activities and documentation to see how play can enhance children's listening skills, and how you as an educator become a better listener. 

Each workshop is unique and is adapted to meet the desired learning outcomes of the participants


The Art of Listening

Listening is an essential part of communication, it is something many educators are familiar with, the need to listen to the voice of the child. This presentation not only supports you as an educator to become a better listener with tips and inspiration, it also about how we should support children to listen to each other.

With better listening the classroom/group develops a more respectful atmosphere; where children and adults listen to understand rather than just hear.

Philosophy with Preschoolers

A Reggio Emilia Approach to exploring philosophy with preschoolers - not focussing on any particular method but encompassing many because children do not learn in a set way, but have a hundred languages... so why not explore the hundred languages of philosophy.
From sitting in circles exploring the children's ideas, to philosophy through art, movement - the whole curriculum

The Democratic Preschool

A presentation exploring what is a democratic classroom/preschool.Inspiration will be given through the use of listening, participation and antibias/normaware approaches and how pedagogical documentation is a democratic tool.

Original Learning

A presentation about the importance of play in preschools and schools. How children need access to a varied play diet both indoors and outdoors. Inspiration for play, how to observe play and how play can teach you to be a better educator. How learning and play are interwoven and the complexity of play eco-systems

The ten essential threads - Wonder, Curiosity, Joy, Knowledge, Imagination, Interaction, Risk, Time, Reflection and Listening.

Risky Play

Thinking about risky play as something more than just the outdoor physical play.

How do we design for this kind of play so that it is as safe as necessary and not as safe as possible?

open to suggestions

There is the possibility to design your own presentation with me... taking elements from the five presentations that are on offer and also inspiration from my blog... gender equality, risky play, in the atelier, working in a Swedish context, documentation, loose parts or my own journey inspired by Malaguzzi and the Reggio Emilia Approach etc. Time will be something that depends on the content.


Via e-mail.
See contact page

telephone contact arranged via e-mail.

Consultancy work

I am also available to work as an "inspirateur"...

to come and interact with you at your setting. Through observations and dialogues  your practice can evolve.

This can be done for shorter or longer periods depending on location.

This is also my personal favourite way os supporting educators. Because we build up a relationship which can create a safe place to dare to try new things.

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