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Original Learning

Original Learning is a term I am using, and I define it as an organic manner of learning through observation, imitation, and practice through play... where play and learning are interwoven.

Like babies play with and explore their hands, their world; they will imitate and listen and experiment through ideas... they learn about causality, language, how their body works... and this goes on throughout life... we are continuously learning in this way but society tends prioritise this learning less because we have been taught that learning happens in specific ways in schools in a set manner...
I see it like a loom, where the warp threads are play and we weave learning and teaching into it. Education should be about the relationships of play, learning teaching and understanding, and the Original Learning Approach seeks to provide a reflective tool as to how best to achieve this within your own context.

There are ten essential threads - Wonder, curiosity, joy, knowledge, imagination, interaction, risk, time, reflection and listening.

The more play warp threads there are the richer the fabric of understanding.

In autumn 2022 my book on the Original Learning Approach will be released.

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