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About Play and Learning

I am so excited to have written books and contribute with chapters in books

The Original Learning Approach

This book introduces you to Original Learning - something I coined in order to create a space that allows us to reflect on how play, learning and teaching are woven together to create understanding. It is about inclusion, well-being. The ten threads of Wonder, Curiosity, Joy, Knowledge, Imagination, Interaction, Risk, Time, Reflection and Listening are explored.

Risky Play and Teaching

Riskfylld Lek och Undervisning

This Book is about Risky Play and Teaching - it is currently only in Swedish. It pulls on the risk thread of Original Learning and explores not only physical risky play but also social, emotional and cognitive risks.

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In this Swedish book I have contributed with a chapter about risky play in the early years.

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In this book I have contributed with a chapter on play in Swedish preschools and wrap around care, with an extra focus on outdoor play and digital play

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In this book I have contributed with a chapter about my relationship with the Reggio Emilia Approach, how it has inspired me to create the Original Learning Approach and the great importance of not cloning the Reggio Emilia Approach but to be inspired to enter a deeply reflective practice that values children.

In this book I collaborated with professor Jayne Osgood and we wrote about how the forest can teach us about pedagogy. Arboreal Methodologies is what we labelled this approach. 

My listening to the forest started before writing this book and still continues.

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