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Original Learning Approach in 1 minute

Uppdaterat: 25 jan. 2022

Original Learning is a reflective approach to view the roles of play, learning, teaching and understanding, and how adults can become play-responsive educators in order to meet the needs of each evolving child. Play is the brain’s way to adapt to a complex world, and it will always seek out ways to play in order to thrive. This will happen throughout life, although how and what we play will change over time as we gain more experience and knowledge of the world around us. Play is the original way to learn.

The Original Learning Approach is like a loom, where the warp threads represent play and the learning and teaching are woven into it in order to achieve understanding. It is a reciprocal relationship. There are ten essential threads to be woven - wonder, curiosity, joy, knowledge, imagination, interaction, risk, time, reflection and listening. These guide the educators so they can create inclusive, meaningful play and learning environments where the children can engage in sense-making, meaning-making and world-making.

Being aware of the history and power of every thread is critical, to avoid stereotypes, bias and prejudice. Ensuring all stories are heard.

OLA has no peak or final destination, it is the journey where detours, revisiting and going off-road is encouraged.

Original Learning In the autumn my book about the Original Learning Approach will be available... This one minute share does not give space for the complexity of the approach.

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